About Quality Pallets:

Quality Pallets and Pallet Recycling is a well established pallet company with a sound infrastructure that concentrates on the following:

We manufacture new wooden pallets and crates built to any specification. We recycle second hand pallets and masonite sheets. Wholesale timber supplier.

Timberland started in August 2006 as a pallet manufacturing and recycling company. We (Johann Nel jnr & snr) bought the company over in 2007 and established from this foundation the new and improved Quality Pallets and Recycling CC which has grown our existing client base significantly through the quality, competitive pricing and speedy output to all of our valued clients.

We have a cumulative workforce of up to 30 permanent staff at any given time based on the current workload. This team has been working with us since inception and have all come from a pallet manufacturing background, providing valuable knowledge and skills that allows us to maximize our quality and output.

Our clients are diverse, from farmers to cement manufacturers and a large number of FMCG suppliers. If you need pallets of any kind, we are your one stop shop!

Output capacity and infrastructure:

• Our maximum pallet and crate output per day stands at 1000 new units. 
• We deliver 100 pallets or more in Gauteng area.
• We will also collect your second hand pallets.


Will be provided as soon as we know your sizes, kind of pallet (2 way or 4 way) and of course your specification on your pallets. Example how many bearers or blocks and slats on pallet. We would also prefer if you can provide us with the amount of weight the pallet must carry so we can know if it must be a heavy or light duty pallet, please provide us if we must make delivery and provide with address along with a telephone number.